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See what people are saying about Happy Dog In-Home Dog Training!

"Heather was a great help with our Stella. She was very organized and gave us easy to remember homework to use between trainings. Will definitely call her again if Stella is in need." - Janice B.

"So much positive energy! So knowledgeable... you can truly see that [Heather]’s passion lies in making sure your needs (and your dog’s) are met in a fun, personable way." - Eric B.

"Heather came by to help me with my year and a half old lab, who developed separation anxiety when we put our older dog down. Jorah would salivate uncontrollably in his kennel and eat any paper if left out. Her suggestions to me about to break him from his worry truly helped him! It's been about a month and we have seen great improvements. We come home with nothing destroyed! Thanks, Heather!" - Rose L.

"Heather helped us with basic training for our husky puppy. She was super friendly, sweet, and listened to all our concerns. Our husky is doing awesome. Heather gave us great advice, easy to follow homework that works. I would totally recommend her and will be calling her back if needed in the future."-  David P.

"Heather is amazing! She was so patient and so great with my dog! I hired her to help keep my dog in the yard off leash. She gave me all the tools and knowledge to do border training with him. It's only been about a month and today my dog stayed in the yard off leash all day! I am so thankful for Heather and her in home training."- Calaya N.

"I highly recommend Heather.
I had Heather come in to help with my foster dog that was starting to show some reactive behavior. I couldn’t even take my foster on walk with out her acting reactively to people I’m the neighborhood. Even if they were across the street. She has done a wonderful job in helping me learn how to address this behavior positively. We now go on walks and she is doing amazing, we can walk pass people with no reaction from Barley.  I even took her to a small Packer party this weekend ( about 6 close friends). Barley did amazing. She was taking treats from peoples hands and even trying to smell them. This was huge strides for her. Thank you Heather. We couldn’t have come this far without your help."-Tracy H.

"We recently completed the 6-week course with Heather and we would highly recommend her. She is patient, kind, thorough, timely and overall the perfect person for the job. She takes the time to explain things and at first, I wasn’t sure my dog was going to respond but, she did! It was fun watching her respond to commands and grow more confident. She even got to the point where she would anticipate our commands and sit without us asking, which was hilarious. If you take the time to regularly and consistently work with your dog and follow the training instructions, you’ll be very pleased!"-Denise F. 


"I am so thankful to Heather for all of her help.  Not only did she show me how to train our dog, but she also helped to reinforce the training by looking at how I could improve as the trainer.  She was kind, informative and best of all, made the experience super fun for both my dog and me.  My dog was always excited when it was time for the lessons and best of all, Heather came to our house at a convenient time for our busy family of 6.  This has been an amazing experience!  Thank you, Heather!  We are excited for you to come back in the spring!"-Melissa V.

 "We are so lucky and fortunate to have found Heather. We just completed our 6 week training course for our 6 month old bull mastiff, Bella. Heather was patient with both our dog and us, answered any questions we had and helped us with issues outside of the training material. We will definitely miss Heather but look forward to using everything she taught us. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a dog trainer!"- Michelle T.